Guaranteed Rent

Co Living

As well as property acquisition for investors and those buying their homes for life we also specialise in managing fully serviced flat and house shares for London professionals who also want a place to call home but need to rent.

New London living

Due to spiralling rents in the city, professionals wanting to live reasonably close to work in quality accommodation have turned to flatshare as the only available option.

Our aim is to support this new co-living approach by setting up flat shares in quality, well-located properties across London. We couple this with an extensive service presence designed for the upkeep of your property and the convenience to both occupants and landlords.

Guaranteed Rent – What is it?

 We know that letting a property can be difficult and unpredictable. In London, lives change quickly and the typical flat share has a high turnover of tenants and we understand the demands of the being a Landlord can be time consuming, costly and stressful. There are many uncertainties that can effect your actual income and this can be a common shock especially to new landlords.  However renting your property to us using our Guaranteed Rent Service alleviates these issues and ensures you get a specific agreed amount on time every time. Most landlords want to let their property to professional tenants.  With our Guaranteed Rent Service it is us who become your professional tenants.The contract is between you (the landlord) and us!

Guaranteed Rent. How does it work?

We offer all-inclusive tenancies on a per room basis, allowing us to track individual accountability and hand select the best people to live in your property and because of our unrivalled service, we find our tenants stay longer.

For tenants, this means sharing a home with like-minded professionals and don’t have the hassle of replacing flat mates.

 For Landlords, it means greater occupancy, guaranteed rent, trustworthy tenants, a well-maintained property,  bills  covered, plus no repairs or maintenance issues to organise. Your time is yours with a guaranteed income stream but none of the usual risks and hassles associated with renting a property.

We have a very strong maintenance and cleaning team who will look after your house during the contract. We conduct property inspections every 3 months, bi- monthly cleans and twice yearly spring cleans. We can also send you photos after each inspection so you can sleep easy knowing your house is being kept as you would expect.

Guaranteed rent is a simple and straight forward service where our experienced team will take on the pressure of managing your rental on your behalf.

In effect we become your tenant. We guarantee that you receive a competitive fixed monthly amount, which you will receive on the same day every month regardless of whether your property is occupied or not.


  • Fixed Guaranteed rent for 3 – 5 years
  • Option to renew at the end of the term
  • No void periods given you stability
  • No financial or redundancy risk effecting your collection of rent

No Fees

  • No management Fees
  • No admin Fees
  • No Hidden Charges

Free Property Management

  • Free Weekly cleaning Service
  • Inspection every 3 months
  • Organise gas Certificate
  • Organise electricity certificate
  • Repairs and Maintenance Organisation


Okay you’ve seen all the benefits you are probably think there must be a catch somewhere?

There isn’t…. the answer is pretty straightforward. We pay you slightly less than the market rent value that we would hope to achieve for the property when we sub-let it but, in return take on all the risk and responsibility for managing it.

Because we are experts in the rental market, we are pretty confident that the annual rental income you actually bank is more than you’d get if you decided to go it alone or use a traditional service.

So whilst we manage the property and tenants for you, you can sit back, relax and enjoy all the benefits with none of the hassle!