Lets with Pets!

Lets with Pets! 17 Oct 2017

Britain is famous for being a nation of Pet lovers and if you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we are too, sadly this cannot be said for the majority of buy-to-let landlords. However with over 12 million households owning a pet in the private rental sector and the increase in demand for rentals growing it’s not an issue that can be ignored.

Landlords we understand your initial reservations but you might want to paws for thought (see what we did there?) sit down have a cuppa and read on before you say no. Below we’ll outline the benefits for landlords and tips for tenants so everyone stays happy including our four legged friends!


lets with pets dog drink tea


Landlords should you accept Lets for Pets?!

You’ll want to make an assessment of the situation case by case, it may not be suitable to have a Great Dane live in your 10th floor studio apartment but letting your 1 bedroom garden flat to a couple with a kitty might not be so bad. Plus there are various measures you can take that will safe-guard your property from the issues that come with having pets.

Firstly it will widen the pool of tenants you can choose from and as landlords who accept pets are few and far between you are likely to keep your tenant for longer making them ultimately more reliable.

Make a potential acceptance of an offer strictly subject to in depth referencing, inventory and request a pet profile. Plus instead of advertising as “pets accepted” advertise initially as “pets considered”. This will allow you to vet perspective tenants and pets individually, will reduce any anxiety about the type of pet in your home and give you more confidence when letting to tenants with pets.

Upon acceptance include pet specific  clauses in your tenancy agreement for example  specify that tenants must keep their pet regularly vaccinated, dogs must be kept on a lead in communal areas i.e gardens or walkways and even at the end of the tenancy must professionally clean the property. For examples of what to put in a tenancy agreement or testimonials Lets for Pets sponsored by Dogs Trust has some great examples. http://www.letswithpets.org.uk/home/welcome

Finally you’ll also find tenants are willing to pay a premium to keep their furry friends by their side, which means you can increase both the monthly rent and deposit request making accepting pets into your property pawsitively profitable!

Tips for Tenants and your furry friends!

There are various measures you can take in order to ensure both you and your four legged friend find a happy home.

Be upfront about having a pet. It is quite common for tenants to trick the landlord either by not mentioning it in the hope the landlord will never find out or if they do that it will be too late after you have moved in. Wrong! On both accounts read on for our advice.

If you are upfront and honest it will create for a better relationship with the landlord and will say a lot more for your character as a tenant  landlords want responsible tenants and being honest with them will show this and allow them to trust you for any futures issue that may arise too.

Money talks! Be prepared to pay a higher premium. Offer a larger deposit or an increase in monthly rent either way this will definitely work in your favour.

Pet Profile ….It may sound rather odd but it will set you apart from the rest and show you to be a conscientious, reliable and responsible person which is ultimately what any landlord is looking for. Create a C.V for your pet. It should be possible for landlords and agents to vet your pet the same way they might a potential tenant. You will want to include general formalities such name breed weight. The health of your pet for example show that your dog is regularly health checked and vaccinated against fleas ticks an dewormed, mention their behaviour e.g  toilet trained, quiet, friendly, plus your  personal responsibilities e.g  let them know they are regularly walking and length of time your pet is left alone.

Finally searching for properties that accept pets in their properties can be tricky however ensure to add the pet friendly filter, be honest from the start when meeting agents and let them know what you are looking for some agents actively try to provide pet friendly lets Belvoir lets states that by additional paperwork and deposits they have successfully been able to secure homes for both tenant and pet you’ll find more details here www.belvoir.co.uk

So tenants get prepped and landlords what do you have to lose? Give it a try and give lets for pets a go!

lets with pets dog and kittien


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